About Us

Happiness defined by great nature.Dye-free series products

A sort of plain and least sophisticated tone awarded by great nature, just like the people living on this land, diligent, resistant, simple and kind, is about to revive the long-forgotten memories.

The 80s saw booming exports of towels when one after another plant working round-the-clock for the promising Taiwan Economy Legend. It was then CHAR WIE received an order from the Buddhist religion: The masters were looking for towels of pure raw materials and by the least sophisticated process without any chemical agents. Only for the insignificant quantity and irregular requirements plus selected raw materials, the first thought was to reject the order that could mean major effort and loss of money, eventually, the order was taken thinking of the responsibility and love for the community.

In 2010, in response to the global call for carbon reduction, CHAR WIE launched its Dye-Free Towels to the Taipei Textile Show for the first time, when the green products planted by the Buddhist Religion caught the eyes of all attendants to the event. Later on, Dye-Free became the brand for Dye-Free towels introduced in the market, where Taiwanese-made low-carbon products made its name and paid way to the effort waged for sustainable growth of the earth.

A naïve and smiling face reflects happiness just like having dye-free products. We like to invite you to caring happiness with us as we appreciate the great nature for everything it creates as we enjoy the happiness